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Optional autoSkip

autoSkip?: boolean

Optional autoSkipPadding

autoSkipPadding?: number

Optional backdropColor

backdropColor?: ChartColor

Optional backdropPaddingX

backdropPaddingX?: number

Optional backdropPaddingY

backdropPaddingY?: number

Optional beginAtZero

beginAtZero?: boolean

Optional display

display?: boolean

Optional enabled

enabled?: boolean

Optional fontColor

fontColor?: ChartColor

Optional fontFamily

fontFamily?: string

Optional fontSize

fontSize?: number

Optional fontStyle

fontStyle?: string

Optional labelOffset

labelOffset?: number

Optional lineHeight

lineHeight?: number

Optional max

max?: any

Optional maxRotation

maxRotation?: number

Optional maxTicksLimit

maxTicksLimit?: number

Optional min

min?: any

Optional minRotation

minRotation?: number

Optional mirror

mirror?: boolean

Optional padding

padding?: number

Optional precision

precision?: number

Optional reverse

reverse?: boolean

Optional sampleSize

sampleSize?: number

The number of ticks to examine when deciding how many labels will fit. Setting a smaller value will be faster, but may be less accurate when there is large variability in label length. Deault: ticks.length

Optional showLabelBackdrop

showLabelBackdrop?: boolean

Optional source

source?: "auto" | "data" | "labels"

Optional stepSize

stepSize?: number

Optional suggestedMax

suggestedMax?: number

Optional suggestedMin

suggestedMin?: number


Optional callback

  • callback(value: string | number, index: number, values: string[] | number[]): undefined | null | string | number
  • If the callback returns null or undefined the associated grid line will be hidden.


    • value: string | number
    • index: number
    • values: string[] | number[]

    Returns undefined | null | string | number

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