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A structure representing a Marker icon image.


  • Icon



Optional anchor

anchor?: null | Point

The position at which to anchor an image in correspondence to the location of the marker on the map. By default, the anchor is located along the center point of the bottom of the image.

Optional labelOrigin

labelOrigin?: null | Point

The origin of the label relative to the top-left corner of the icon image, if a label is supplied by the marker. By default, the origin is located in the center point of the image.

Optional origin

origin?: null | Point

The position of the image within a sprite, if any. By default, the origin is located at the top left corner of the image (0, 0).

Optional scaledSize

scaledSize?: null | Size

The size of the entire image after scaling, if any. Use this property to stretch/shrink an image or a sprite.

Optional size

size?: null | Size

The display size of the sprite or image. When using sprites, you must specify the sprite size. If the size is not provided, it will be set when the image loads.


url: string

The URL of the image or sprite sheet.

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