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PolygonOptions object used to define the properties that can be set on a Polygon.


  • PolygonOptions



Optional clickable

clickable?: null | boolean

Indicates whether this Polygon handles mouse events.



Optional draggable

draggable?: null | boolean

If set to true, the user can drag this shape over the map. The geodesic property defines the mode of dragging.



Optional editable

editable?: null | boolean

If set to true, the user can edit this shape by dragging the control points shown at the vertices and on each segment.



Optional fillColor

fillColor?: null | string

The fill color. All CSS3 colors are supported except for extended named colors.

Optional fillOpacity

fillOpacity?: null | number

The fill opacity between 0.0 and 1.0

Optional geodesic

geodesic?: null | boolean

When true, edges of the polygon are interpreted as geodesic and will follow the curvature of the Earth. When false, edges of the polygon are rendered as straight lines in screen space. Note that the shape of a geodesic polygon may appear to change when dragged, as the dimensions are maintained relative to the surface of the earth.



Optional map

map?: null | Map

Map on which to display Polygon.

Optional paths

paths?: null | any[] | MVCArray<any>

The ordered sequence of coordinates that designates a closed loop. Unlike polylines, a polygon may consist of one or more paths. As a result, the paths property may specify one or more arrays of LatLng coordinates. Paths are closed automatically; do not repeat the first vertex of the path as the last vertex. Simple polygons may be defined using a single array of LatLngs. More complex polygons may specify an array of arrays. Any simple arrays are converted into MVCArrays. Inserting or removing LatLngs from the MVCArray will automatically update the polygon on the map.

Optional strokeColor

strokeColor?: null | string

The stroke color. All CSS3 colors are supported except for extended named colors.

Optional strokeOpacity

strokeOpacity?: null | number

The stroke opacity between 0.0 and 1.0

Optional strokePosition

strokePosition?: null | StrokePosition

The stroke position.



Optional strokeWeight

strokeWeight?: null | number

The stroke width in pixels.

Optional visible

visible?: null | boolean

Whether this polygon is visible on the map.



Optional zIndex

zIndex?: null | number

The zIndex compared to other polys.

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