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Available only in the v=beta channel: https://goo.gle/3oAthT3. Options for delivery vehicle location provider.


  • FleetEngineDeliveryVehicleLocationProviderOptions



deliveryVehicleId: null | string

The delivery vehicle ID to track initially.

pollingIntervalMillis: null | number

Minimum time between fetching location updates in milliseconds. If it takes longer than pollingIntervalMillis to fetch a location update, the next location update is not started until the current one finishes.

Setting this value to 0 disables recurring location updates. A new location update is fetched if any of the parameters observed by the location provider changes.

The default polling interval is 5000 milliseconds, the minimum interval. If you set the polling interval to a lower non-zero value, 5000 is used.

projectId: string

The consumer's project ID from Google Cloud Console.

shouldShowOutcomeLocations: null | boolean

Boolean to show or hide outcome locations for the fetched tasks.

shouldShowTasks: null | boolean

Boolean to show or hide tasks. Setting this to false will prevent the ListTasks endpoint from being called to fetch the tasks. Only the upcoming vehicle stops will be displayed.

staleLocationThresholdMillis: null | number

Threshold for stale vehicle location. If the last updated location for the vehicle is older this threshold, the vehicle will not be displayed. Defaults to 24 hours in milliseconds. If the threshold is less than 0, or Infinity, the threshold will be ignored and the vehicle location will not be considered stale.

taskFilterOptions: null | FleetEngineTaskFilterOptions

Filter options to apply when fetching tasks. The options can include specific vehicle, time, and task status.


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