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An Autocompletion request to be sent to google.maps.places.AutocompleteService.getPlacePredictions.


  • AutocompletionRequest



Optional bounds

Bounds for prediction biasing. Predictions will be biased towards, but not restricted to, the given bounds. Both location and radius will be ignored if bounds is set.

Optional componentRestrictions

componentRestrictions?: ComponentRestrictions

The component restrictions. Component restrictions are used to restrict predictions to only those within the parent component. For example, the country.


input: string

The user entered input string.

Optional language

language?: null | string

Available only in the v=beta channel: https://goo.gle/3oAthT3. A language identifier for the language in which the results should be returned, if possible. Results in the selected language may be given a higher ranking, but suggestions are not restricted to this language. See the list of supported languages. Google often updates the supported languages, so this list may not be exhaustive.

Optional location

location?: LatLng

Location for prediction biasing. Predictions will be biased towards the given location and radius. Alternatively, bounds can be used.

Optional offset

offset?: number

The character position in the input term at which the service uses text for predictions (the position of the cursor in the input field).

Optional origin

The location where google.maps.places.AutocompletePrediction.distance_meters is calculated from.

Optional radius

radius?: number

The radius of the area used for prediction biasing. The radius is specified in meters, and must always be accompanied by a location property. Alternatively, bounds can be used.

Optional region

region?: null | string

Available only in the v=beta channel: https://goo.gle/3oAthT3. A region code which is used for result formatting and for result filtering. It does not restrict the suggestions to this country. The region code accepts a ccTLD ("top-level domain") two-character value. Most ccTLD codes are identical to ISO 3166-1 codes, with some notable exceptions. For example, the United Kingdom's ccTLD is "uk" (.co.uk) while its ISO 3166-1 code is "gb" (technically for the entity of "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland").

Optional sessionToken

Unique reference used to bundle individual requests into sessions.

Optional types

types?: string[]

The types of predictions to be returned. For supported types, see the developer's guide. If no types are specified, all types will be returned.

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