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This object defines the properties that can be set on a DirectionsRenderer object.


  • DirectionsRendererOptions



Optional directions

directions?: null | DirectionsResult

The directions to display on the map and/or in a <div> panel, retrieved as a DirectionsResult object from DirectionsService.

Optional draggable

draggable?: null | boolean

If true, allows the user to drag and modify the paths of routes rendered by this DirectionsRenderer.

Optional hideRouteList

hideRouteList?: null | boolean

This property indicates whether the renderer should provide a user-selectable list of routes shown in the directions panel.



Optional infoWindow

infoWindow?: null | InfoWindow

The InfoWindow in which to render text information when a marker is clicked. Existing info window content will be overwritten and its position moved. If no info window is specified, the DirectionsRenderer will create and use its own info window. This property will be ignored if suppressInfoWindows is set to true.

Optional map

map?: null | Map

Map on which to display the directions.

Optional markerOptions

markerOptions?: null | MarkerOptions

Options for the markers. All markers rendered by the DirectionsRenderer will use these options.

Optional panel

panel?: null | HTMLElement

The <div> in which to display the directions steps.

Optional polylineOptions

polylineOptions?: null | PolylineOptions

Options for the polylines. All polylines rendered by the DirectionsRenderer will use these options.

Optional preserveViewport

preserveViewport?: null | boolean

If this option is set to true or the map's center and zoom were never set, the input map is centered and zoomed to the bounding box of this set of directions.



Optional routeIndex

routeIndex?: null | number

The index of the route within the DirectionsResult object. The default value is 0.

Optional suppressBicyclingLayer

suppressBicyclingLayer?: null | boolean

Suppress the rendering of the BicyclingLayer when bicycling directions are requested.

Optional suppressInfoWindows

suppressInfoWindows?: null | boolean

Suppress the rendering of info windows.

Optional suppressMarkers

suppressMarkers?: null | boolean

Suppress the rendering of markers.

Optional suppressPolylines

suppressPolylines?: null | boolean

Suppress the rendering of polylines.

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