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The directions response retrieved from the directions server. You can render these using a google.maps.DirectionsRenderer or parse this object and render it yourself. You must display the warnings and copyrights as noted in the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. Note that though this result is "JSON-like," it is not strictly JSON, as it indirectly includes LatLng objects.


  • DirectionsResult



available_travel_modes?: TravelMode[]

Contains an array of available travel modes. This field is returned when a request specifies a travel mode and gets no results. The array contains the available travel modes in the countries of the given set of waypoints. This field is not returned if one or more of the waypoints are 'via waypoints'.

geocoded_waypoints?: DirectionsGeocodedWaypoint[]

An array of DirectionsGeocodedWaypoints, each of which contains information about the geocoding of origin, destination and waypoints.

routes: DirectionsRoute[]

An array of DirectionsRoutes, each of which contains information about the legs and steps of which it is composed. There will only be one route unless the DirectionsRequest was made with provideRouteAlternatives set to true.

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