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Represents some global data required by the hotkey plugin, such as the version of the library and the default options.


  • GlobalSettings



options: HotkeyOptions

The default settings for the hotkey plugin.

shiftNums: Record<string, string>

A map between the character a key produces normally and the character it produces while the shift key is pressed. Both the map key and the mapped value is the name of the key, e.g. ; or 3.

specialKeys: Record<number, string>

A map of keys that may be part of a hotkey combination. The map key is the character code of the key, the mapped value is the name of the key, such as capslock or +.

textAcceptingInputTypes: string

A list of values for the type attribute of an HTML INPUT element that are allowed to trigger a hotkey. Excludes button, checkbox, file, hidden, image, password, radio, reset, search, submit, and url,

textInputTypes: RegExp

A RegExp that the tag name of an HTML element needs to match for hotkeys to be available for that element. Defaults to TEXTAREA, INPUT, and SELECT elements.

version: string

The version of this library.

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