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Namespace for the timepicker JQueryUI plugin, available as JQuery.fn.timepicker and JQuery.fn.datetimepicker. Contains some additional types and interfaces required for the typings.


Type Aliases

ControlType: "slider" | "select"

Whether to use sliders, select elements or a custom control type for selecting a time (hour / minute / second) in the time picker.

PickerMethod: "datepicker" | "timepicker" | "datetimepicker"

Represents the available methods on a JQuery instance for the date and / or time picker.

TimeParseFunction: ((timeFormat: string, timeString: string, options: Partial<DatetimepickerOptions>) => TimeParseResult | undefined)

Type declaration

TimeParseType: "loose" | "strict"

How dates are parsed by the Timepicker.

  • loose: Uses the JavaScript method new Date(timeString) to guess the time
  • strict: A date text must match the timeFormat exactly.
TimeUnit: "hour" | "minute" | "second" | "millisec" | "microsec"

Time units for selecting a time in the calendar widget.

TimezoneOffset: number

An offset of a timezone, in minutes relative to UTC. For example, UTC-4 is represented as -240.

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