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Represents a deferred render added for a deferred widget. Some widgets need to compute their dimensions based on their parent element(s). This requires that such widgets are not rendered until they have become visible. A widget may not be visible, for example, when it is inside a tab that is not shown when the page is rendered. PrimeFaces provides a global mechanism for widgets to render once they are visible. This is done by keeping a list of widgets that need to be rendered, and checking on every change (AJAX request, tab change etc.) whether any of those have become visible. A widgets should extend PrimeFaces.widget.DeferredWidget to make use of this functionality.


  • DeferredRender





container: string

ID of the container that should be visible before the widget can be rendered.

widget: string

The ID of a deferred widget.


  • callback(): boolean
  • Callback that is invoked when the widget may possibly have become visible. Checks whether the widget can be rendered and if so, renders it.

    Returns boolean

    true when the widget was rendered, or false when the widget still needs to be rendered later.

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