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CellEditMode: "eager" | "lazy"

If cell editing mode is enabled, whether the cell editors are loaded lazily.

  • eager: Cell editors are loaded with the original page load or when the tree table is loaded.
  • lazy: Cell editors are loaded via AJAX when inline editing is requested.
EditMode: "row" | "cell"

How the data in a tree table can be edited.

  • row: A row is switched to edit mode and all cells can be edited at once.
  • cell: An individual cell is switched to edit mode and can be edited.
ExpandMode: "children" | "self"

Defines which rows are expanded when the expand icon next to a row is clicked.

  • self: Only the row itself is expanded.
  • children: The row and its children are expanded.
SelectionMode: "single" | "multiple" | "checkbox"

Indicates how a row may be selected.

  • single: Only a single row may be selected at any time by clicking on it. Selecting another row will unselect the currently selected row.
  • multiple: Multiple rows can be selected via clicking while holding the ctrl or shift key.
  • checkbox: One or more rows can be selected by clicking on the checkbox next to each row.

The available sort order types for the data table.

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