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The configuration for the DataScroller widget. You can access this configuration via BaseWidget.cfg. Please note that this configuration is usually meant to be read-only and should not be modified.





behaviors: Record<string, Behavior>

A map with all behaviors that were defined for this widget. The key is the name of the behavior, the value is the callback function that is invoked when the behavior is called.


buffer: number

Percentage height of the buffer between the bottom of the page and the scroll position to initiate the load for the new chunk. For example, a value of 10 means that loading happens after the user has scrolled down to at least 90% of the viewport height.


chunkSize: number

Number of items to load on each load.

Optional formId

formId?: string

ID of the form to use for AJAX requests.


id: string | string[]

The client-side ID of the widget, with all parent naming containers, such as myForm:myWidget. This is also the ID of the container HTML element for this widget. In case the widget needs multiple container elements (such as Paginator), this may also be an array if IDs.


loadEvent: LoadEvent

Defines when more items are loaded.


mode: Mode

Defines the target to listen for scroll event.


offset: number

Number of additional items currently loaded.


postConstruct: PostConstructCallback

An optional callback that is invoked after this widget was created successfully, at the end of the init method. This is usually specified via the widgetPostConstruct attribute on the JSF component. Note that this is also called during a refresh (AJAX update).


postRefresh: PostRefreshCallback

An optional callback that is invoked after this widget was refreshed after an AJAX update, at the end of the refresh method. This is usually specified via the widgetPostRefresh attribute on the JSF component.


preDestroy: PreDestroyCallback

An optional callback that is invoked before this widget is about to be destroyed, e.g. when the component was removed at the end of an AJAX update. This is called at the beginning of the destroy method. This is usually specified via the widgetPreDestroy attribute on the JSF component.


startAtBottom: boolean

true to set the scroll position to the bottom initally and load data from the bottom, or false otherwise.


totalSize: number

The total number of items that can be displayed.


virtualScroll: boolean

Loads data on demand as the scrollbar gets close to the bottom.


widgetVar: string

The name of the widget variables of this widget. The widget variable can be used to access a widget instance by calling PF("myWidgetVar").

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