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The configuration for the FrozenDataTable widget. You can access this configuration via BaseWidget.cfg. Please note that this configuration is usually meant to be read-only and should not be modified.




allowUnsorting: boolean

When true columns can be unsorted upon clicking sort.

behaviors: Record<string, Behavior>

A map with all behaviors that were defined for this widget. The key is the name of the behavior, the value is the callback function that is invoked when the behavior is called.

cellEditMode: string

Defines the cell edit behavior.

cellSeparator: string

Separator text to use in output mode of editable cells with multiple components.

clientCache: boolean

Caches the next page asynchronously.

disableContextMenuIfEmpty: boolean

true to disable the context menu when the DataTable has got on data row, or false otherwise.

disabledTextSelection: boolean

Disables text selection on row click.

draggableColumns: boolean

Columns can be reordered with drag & drop when enabled.

draggableRows: boolean

When enabled, rows can be reordered using drag & drop.

editInitEvent: string

Event that triggers row/cell editing.

Whether rows may be edited as a whole or whether each cell can be edited individually.

editable: boolean

Controls in-cell editing.

expansion: boolean

true if rows are expandable, or false otherwise.

filter: boolean

true if filtering is enabled, or false otherwise.

filterDelay: number

Delay for filtering in milliseconds.

filterEvent: string

Event to invoke filtering for input filters.

formId?: string

ID of the form to use for AJAX requests.

frozenColumns: number

The number of frozen columns.

id: string | string[]

The client-side ID of the widget, with all parent naming containers, such as myForm:myWidget. This is also the ID of the container HTML element for this widget. In case the widget needs multiple container elements (such as Paginator), this may also be an array if IDs.

liveResize: boolean

Columns are resized live in this mode without using a resize helper.

liveScroll: boolean

Enables live scrolling.

liveScrollBuffer: number

Percentage of the height of the buffer between the bottom of the page and the scroll position to initiate the load for the new chunk. This value is in the range 0...100.

multiSort: boolean

true if sorting by multiple columns is enabled, or false otherwise.

multiViewState: boolean

Whether multiple resize mode is enabled.

nativeElements: boolean

true to use native radio button and checkbox elements, or false otherwise.

onRowClick: OnRowClickCallback

Callback that is invoked when the user clicked on a row of the DataTable.

postConstruct: PostConstructCallback

An optional callback that is invoked after this widget was created successfully, at the end of the init method. This is usually specified via the widgetPostConstruct attribute on the JSF component. Note that this is also called during a refresh (AJAX update).

postRefresh: PostRefreshCallback

An optional callback that is invoked after this widget was refreshed after an AJAX update, at the end of the refresh method. This is usually specified via the widgetPostRefresh attribute on the JSF component.

preDestroy: PreDestroyCallback

An optional callback that is invoked before this widget is about to be destroyed, e.g. when the component was removed at the end of an AJAX update. This is called at the beginning of the destroy method. This is usually specified via the widgetPreDestroy attribute on the JSF component.

reflow: boolean

Reflow mode is a responsive mode to display columns as stacked depending on screen size.

resizableColumns: boolean

Enables column resizing.

resizeMode: ResizeMode

Defines the resize behavior.

rowDragSelector: string

CSS selector for the draggable handle.

rowEditMode: RowEditMode

Defines the row edit.

rowExpandMode: RowExpandMode

Defines row expand mode.

rowHover: boolean

Adds hover effect to rows. Hover is always on when selection is enabled.

rowSelectMode: RowSelectMode

Defines row selection mode when clicking on the row itself.

rowSelector: string

CSS selector find finding the rows of this DataTable.

saveOnCellBlur: boolean

Saves the changes in cell editing on blur, when set to false changes are discarded.

scrollHeight: string

Scroll viewport height.

scrollLimit: number

Maximum number of rows that may be loaded via live scrolling.

scrollStep: number

Number of additional rows to load in each live scroll.

scrollWidth: string

Scroll viewport width.

scrollable: boolean

Makes data scrollable with fixed header.

Enables row selection.

selectionPageOnly: boolean

When using a paginator and selection mode is checkbox, the select all checkbox in the header will select all rows on the current page if true, or all rows on all pages if false. Default is true.

sortMetaOrder: string[]

IDs of the columns by which to order. Order by the first column, then by the second, etc.

sorting: boolean

true if sorting is enabled on the DataTable, false otherwise.

stickyHeader: boolean

Sticky header stays in window viewport during scrolling.

stickyTopAt: string

Selector to position on the page according to other fixing elements on the top of the table.

tabindex: string

The value of the tabindex attribute for this DataTable.

virtualScroll: boolean

Loads data on demand as the scrollbar gets close to the bottom.

widgetVar: string

The name of the widget variables of this widget. The widget variable can be used to access a widget instance by calling PF("myWidgetVar").

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