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The configuration for the SimpleDateFormat widget. You can access this configuration via BaseWidget.cfg. Please note that this configuration is usually meant to be read-only and should not be modified.


  • SimpleDateFormatCfg



dayNames: string[]

Localized day names (Monday, Tuesday etc.)

id: string | string[]

The client-side ID of this widget, with all parent naming containers, such as myForm:myWidget. This is also the ID of the container HTML element for this widget. In case the widget needs multiple container elements (such as Paginator), this may also be an array if IDs.

locale: string

The locale for formatting dates.

minimalDaysInFirstWeek: number

Minimal number of days a week is allowed to have to be considered a "full" week, used by getWeekInMonth in getWeekInYear.

monthNames: string[]

Localized month names (January, February etc.)

regex: RegExp

A regex for splitting a date format into its components.

types: Record<string, number>

Object with the different keywords used by the date format.

widgetVar: string

The name of the widget variables of this widget. The widget variable can be used to access a widget instance by calling PF('myWidgetVar').

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